About Us

YOYOFFICER was established by Ziliang Hong in 2012.

We have designed many new yo-yo styles at affordable prices, and we bring many different yo-yo options for everyone. Until today, we've launched 30 products.


Aura, Brave, Crayon, Dasher, Eager, Fit, Gravity, Hatchet, Hatchet2, Hatchet+,

Imp, Jaeger, Kilter, Kilter2, Kilter3, Lava, Musket, Nifty, Orbis, Pause, Quash,

Rave, Shift, Tusk, Urban, Vector, Welkin, X-point, Yacare, Zealot.



YOYOFFICER have sponsored yo-yo competitions in many countries, such as the World YO-YO Contest, USA National, Japan, Korea, etc.

We hope to bring you more excellent products in the future, so that more people can feel the happy of yo-yo!


if you interesting in YOYOFFICER, please contact : info@yoyofficer.com


Thank you:)